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The Secrets of Volcanoes and Bees - SDSC Storage System Ensures the Mysteries of Volcanoes and Bees are Kept Safe for Years to Come

Published 09/03/2004

Scientists who work with large amounts of data require storage that expands well beyond what is available at their home laboratory environment. That's why SDSC offers facilities perfectly suited for those who want to expertly preserve, remotely access and continuously manage their large-scale collections. SDSC provides a critical resource - storage designed to provide large-scale, stable storage with professional support and maintenance.

For years, SDSC has provided data curation for a number of different communities. The center currently supports more than 35 community data collections aggregating to more than 130 Terabytes of data. Projects housed within SDSC include those that focus on climate modeling, historical documentation and others. SDSC helps resolve a number of challenges when preserving the data - such as creating a database from information in multiple formats that must be preserved to last hundreds of years.

Now, SDSC will maintain two additional databases key to continued scientific discovery:

  • GEON, the Geosciences Network, stores the Western North American Volcanic and Intrusive Rock Database within the walls of SDSC. For more information about this collection, log on to the access grid at or
  • A data collection from a University of California, San Diego biologist that unlocks the secrets of a "language" used by bees to direct their kin to the most lucrative food sources.

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