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Summer Computing Institute at SDSC to Emphasize Data-Intensive and Grid Computing (August 18-22, 2003)

Published 06/25/2003

Every summer, the San Diego Supercomputer Center hosts a weeklong Computing Institute. This summer's Institute will be held August 18-22 and will feature a mix of lectures and hands-on "lab" time. Throughout, attendees can experiment with the techniques and ideas presented in the context of their own projects. This year's institute is focused on advanced cyberinfrastructure, with a special emphasis on data problems. Topics to be covered include:

Introduction to NPACI Hardware Architectures
  • Introduction to Data-Intensive Computing
  • Models of Data-Intensive Computing
  • Data Architectures
  • Data Grids

    SRB: Introduction and Overview
  • mySRB
  • inQ
  • Building Collections with SRB
  • GridPort interface to SRB

    Data Bases for Data-Intensive Computing: Introduction and Overview

    NPACI Data Intensive Hardware: DataStar

    Data View of TeraGrid Logical Site Model

    Federation of Data Bases

    Grid Access to Data Bases

    Data Mining
  • Overview: Design of Data Bases for Data Mining
  • Introduction to Data Mining Tools

    Data Visualization: Introduction to Visualization Tools

    Introduction to Grid Computing
  • -Advertised capabilities of the current infrastructure
  • -NPACKage and NPACI Grid
  • -Introduction to TeraGrid
  • -Descriptive survey of working grid applications
  • -Case studies in Grid Computing

NPACI training coordinator Donald Frederick advises potential applicants to register early. "We have historically had many more applicants than there are spaces," he says, "so please give enough detail to enable selection of those who will best benefit from the workshop. The focus on Data-Intensive and Grid Computing will appeal to new communities who have not been able to make good use of these resources." Please contact Donna Turner (858) 534-8320 for more details. Applicants will be notified about acceptance by mid-July. If you have additional questions, send email to - Merry Maisel