Partnership in Research

TSCC strives to provide an excellent user experience and support for our academic and industry researchers in their computational work. Our technical staff members offer onboarding sessions, training workshops as well as remote consultations. User support requests are handled through a ticketing system. Users can email TSCC Support with any questions or comments regarding using the TSCC system.

Collaboration opportunities

In addition to providing general user support, TSCC offers collaborative partnerships with research teams that require ongoing customized support for their projects. The collaboration may involve designing end-to-end solutions for specific computational and data pipelines, performance optimization and tuning of applications, science gateway portal development, workflow automation, GPU computing, data management, interactive applications such as Jupyter notebook, and machine learning. SDSC staff members have dual expertise in cyberinfrastructure and domain science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, etc.) and have prior experience collaborating with UC faculty as co-PIs, senior personnel or programmers in their NSF, NIH and other agency-funded grants.

Grant support

TSCC can assist researchers who are seeking funding from agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institutes of Health (NIH) or others. TSCC will help with the grant proposal process by providing letters of support to researchers who will utilize TSCC resources in their research projects. Hardware quotes from the vendors and facilities document can be provided to be included in the proposal.

To discuss including letters of support, expertise, or hardware quotes for your grant, please contact us at TSCC Info.