Hotel Details

Hotel program details

Hotel computing provides flexibility to purchase time on compute resources without the necessity to buy a node. This pay–as–you–go model is convenient for researchers with temporary or bursty compute needs. The hotel cluster nodes are a mix of Intel Cascade and Broadwell nodes and are currently connected using the Infiniband network.

ServiceUnitUC RateExternal Rate
TSCC CycleSU$0.030.06
TSCC Cycle (UCSD campus customers)SU$0.025N/A

For UCSD affiliates, the minimum hotel purchase is $250 (10,000 SUs). For other UC affiliates, the minimum hotel purchase is $300 (10,000 SUs).

Joining the hotel program

Please email TSCC User Support and provide your:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Academic institution or industry
  • Department
  • Affiliation (faculty, post-doc, grad student, etc.)
  • Brief description of your research and any software applications you plan to use
  • Number of compute hours (SUs) (minimum is 10,000)
  • Project Number and Task ID for recharge

Looking to purchase a node? See Condo Program Details.