Cyberinfrastructure Services

SDSC provides extensive resources for your technical research and educational needs, including storing public and private data collections, storing sensitive data that is secured to meet regulatory requirements, networking solutions, and hosting virtualized platforms, websites, and databases.

Cloud Storage & Compute

The SDSC Research Data Services team administers one of the first large-scale academic deployments of cloud storage in the world in addition to a complementary compute platform.


SDSC offers rack colocation services to researchers who choose to purchase their own equipment. Our 19,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled and secure datacenter is fully equipped with 13 megawatts of power, 10-gigabit network connectivity, and a 24/7 operations staff. The service was designed in partnership with representatives from several UC campuses and the UC Office of the President, and is available to UC researchers through their campus representatives.

Cybersecurity/Security Consulting

The SDSC Security Group is responsible for the IT security of a broad range of IT Systems that are used for general computing, research, HPC, and compliance with regulations such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Database Hosting

SDSC's WebDB group offers MySQL database hosting on a recharge basis. The WebDB group can also provide consulting and application development services as needed. Additionally, other database platforms may be available within SDSC's virtual machine environment. Please contact for more information.

Enterprise Networking 

The Enterprise Network Service team offers expert consulting services and facilitates access to the San Diego Network Access Point (SD-NAP), a major network hub that connects SDSC systems to ISPs, Internet 2, and CENIC.

HIPAA & FISMA Compliant Solutions

The ‘Sherlock’ consortium provides HIPAA and FISMA compliant analytics, cloud, and virtualization solutions.

Research Data Consulting

The SDSC Research Data Services team leverages decades of technical experience and a wealth of UC institutional knowledge to provide expert administration and troubleshooting services within a fee-for-service model.

Storage: Backups (CommVault)

SDSC Research Data Services provides low-maintenance backup services in the form of CommVault, a robust backup solution with recharge assessed by storage use, as opposed to workstation licenses.

Storage: Project (NFS)

The SDSC Research Data Services team offers traditional Network File System storage as a service, which is often combined with the compute services at SDSC because of its ease of mounting and high connection speeds, making it the preferred storage choice of many researchers who work with Big Data.

UNIX & Windows System Administration

The SDSC Research Data Services team offers physical server administration as a service to SDSC datacenter colocation users. While the datacenter team provides basic hardware maintenance service, such as drive swaps, the team’s service includes advanced OS and software maintenance.

VMware Virtualization Hosting

The SDSC Research Data Services team provides virtual machines (VMs) to UC San Diego, members of the UC community, and UC affiliates. By taking advantage of the professionally curated VMware environment, users avoid the hassle of acquiring and maintaining physical servers while enjoying all the benefits of owning them.

Website Hosting

SDSC currently hosts over 100 websites on behalf of the UCSD community. The SDSC webfarm includes a standard Unix LAMP environment, and allows users to run third-party applications such as Drupal, WordPress, Jira, and Confluence, as well as Tomcat-based services.  Content management and application development services are also available on an hourly recharge basis.