Igor Sfiligoi, M.S.


  • Lead Scientific Software Developer and Researcher -  SDSC
  • Senior Research Scientist -  Distributed High-Throughput Computing, SDSC


Over the years, Igor Sfiligoi has been engaged in the computing community across a wide breath of roles, participating among others as researcher, operator, developer, architect and manager. He has been working in both academia and industry, which helps him appreciate the variety of problems computers help to solve. He has been working with both systems that support tightly coupled and worldwide-scale pleasantly parallel codes, and realizes that each approach has its own advantages and challenges. In his current role at SDSC he is putting his extensive knowledge to use across many scientific domains, spanning computational biology, fusion research, high energy physics and astrophysics.


  • High-Throughput Computing
  • Globally distributed compute and data federations
  • Cybersecurity in globally distributed systems