Research & Development

Virtually all SDSC activities involve national and/or international collaborations and partnerships with individuals, communities and institutions both inside and outside SDSC.

The cyberinfrastructure provided by SDSC provides a tremendous attractor for computational and data-oriented scientists. SDSC currently is a leader/co-leader/participant in more than 80 grants and contracts.

In its role as a Center, it is critical for SDSC to work to ensure that SDSC activities have both broad and deep impact. Broad impact means that a substantial fraction of a community is enabled by the Center's work.

SDSC provides an organizational home for technology and science research and deployment. Activities range from participation in the National Science Foundation's ACCESS and XSEDE programs to hosting data for the Protein Data Bank to outreach and education activities and strategic applications collaborations which helps users maximize their use of SDSC resources.

SDSC Centers of Excellence

SDSC has created a number of Centers of Excellence as part of a larger strategic focus to help researchers across all domains – including those who are relatively new to computational science – better manage ever-increasing volume of digitally based information. These centers formalize key elements of SDSC’s wide range of expertise, from ‘big data’ management to the analysis and advancement of the internet.


SDSC has a long history of conducting applied R&D and solving problems that are relevant to both the scientific and commercial sectors. Our work with industry has traditionally focused on high-performance computing but as the technology landscape changed, so have we.

In addition to HPC, SDSC now has collaborations and programs focusing on “big data,” predictive analytics, data science workflows, and cybersecurity. SDSC has a slate of programs for working with companies, ranging from directed research to computing and storage services to training to focused “centers of excellence.” Please contact us or explore the links below to discover how SDSC might give you a technological edge in this competitive world.

Groups, Labs, & Projects

Research Groups & Labs

SDSC's labs and groups offer a number of cyberinfrastructure services to scientists and engineers, helping them reach their goals quickly and more efficiently. The center's users can tap into a number of groups with expertise in areas such as data management, visualization and grid development. 

Research Projects

SDSC serves as a critical IT partner to large scale research projects in life sciences, geosciences, engineering and other disciplines. SDSC researchers collaborate on projects ranging from cellular signaling to earthquake effects to preserving large and irreplaceable data.