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Partnership Adds Universities of Tennessee
and Southern California

February 4--The roster of NPACI participants grew in January with the addition of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and the reclassification of the University of Southern California (USC) to the list of Research and Education Partners. With the additions, the partnership comprises 38 research and academic institutions in 19 states. NPACI Research and Education Partners provide leadership in the applications and technology thrust areas.

Tennessee joins the Programming Tools and Environments thrust area, led by Joel Saltz of the University of Maryland. Jack Dongarra, professor of Computer Science at Tennessee and distinguished scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and graduate student Henri Cassanova will refine and deploy NetSolve, a computing paradigm that allows users to access computational resources distributed across a heterogenous network. Dongarra and Neuroscience thrust area participant Tom Barton of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have been discussing integration of Bartol's MCell tool and NetSolve.

USC was reclassified as a Research and Education Partner with the move of NPACI participant Carl Kesselman from Caltech to USC's Information Sciences Institute. Kesselman is co-leader, with Ian Foster of Argonne National Laboratories, of the Globus Project, a "computational grid" that provides supercomputing power on demand by harnessing the compute power of processors on machines across the country and world. Globus is a project of NPACI's Metasystems thrust area, led by Andrew Grimshaw of the University of Virginia.

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