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CAIDA Established at SDSC,
Granted Licensing Rights for ARTS Code

March 18--ANS Communications, Inc., signed a licensing agreement with the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) to make its ARTS code publicly available through the association. Under the terms of the agreement, ARTS will be available for noncommercial use by CAIDA and CAIDA sublicensees.

ARTS is a binary file format specification for use in data management and network traffic analysis. It will be integrated into new Internet traffic analysis tools being developed by CAIDA and used in storing gigabytes of Internet performance and traffic flow data being collected by CAIDA and the National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR).

In late 1997, CAIDA was established at SDSC with an NSF seed grant of more than $3.1 million over three years. The association is promoting a more robust, scalable Internet infrastructure. CAIDA's mission is to foster engineering and technical collaborations among Internet providers, vendors, and user groups.

CAIDA, a spin-off of the NSF-supported NLANR, continues to collaborate with NLANR although the two groups pursue separate agendas. CAIDA focuses on transferring to industry many of the tools and technologies developed by NLANR and other research institutions.

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