Upcoming Events

  • Sep152022

    Expanse Webinar: Parallel Computing Concepts

    In this webinar we cover supercomputer architectures, the differences between threads and processes, implementations of parallelism (e.g., OpenMP and MPI), strong and weak scaling, limitations on scalability (Amdahl’s and Gustafson’s Laws) and benchmarking.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Oct18-202022

    Gateways 2022 - Learn, Engage, Empower

    We invite you to join us! Gateway developers and users—regardless of their domain area—have a lot in common but have had few venues for exchanging experiences. The Gateways annual conference is an opportunity for gateway creators and enthusiasts to learn, share, connect, and shape the future of gateways as part of a vibrant community with common interests. Science gateways allow academic research or education communities to access shared data, software, computing services, instruments, educational materials, and other resources specific to their disciplines. They are typically a web portal or a suite of desktop applications.

    Location: San Diego, CA

  • Oct202022

    Expanse Webinar: Scientific Computing with Kubernetes

    In this webinar we provide recipes for transitioning scientific workloads that currently run on traditional batch systems to Kubernetes systems. Kubernetes is batch-like in nature, but there are some differences that science users should be aware of. We will also briefly describe capabilities that are not found in traditional batch systems that can improve the effectiveness of scientific computing.

    This event will be held remotely.