Upcoming Events

  • May202021

    Expanse Webinar: GPU Computing and Programming on Expanse

    This webinar will give a brief introduction to GPU computing and programming on Expanse. We will cover the GPU architecture, programming with the NVIDIA HPC SDK via libraries, OpenACC compiler directives, CUDA, profiling and debugging, and submitting GPU enabled jobs on Expanse.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • May272021

    Technology Forum: Heterogeneous Computing and Composable Architectures with Next-Gen Interconnects

    Join Alan Benjamin, CIO, GigaIO, as he addresses the need for a composable infrastructure for heterogeneous computing, with the ability to balance CPU-to-GPU compute ratios, create systems with different types of GPUs, achieve optimal GPU-to-GPU and GPU-to-storage communications, and the ability to scale solutions spanning multiple GPU appliances. Learn how GigaIO has developed a next generation interconnect fabric based on PCIe and CXL called FabreX to address these challenges.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jun7-112021

    NSF Convergence Accelerator Workshop: Societal Shock Resilience

    This 3-day workshop (June 7, 8, and 11), supported by the NSF Convergence Acceleration program, brings together a multi-hazard trans-disciplinary community to discuss and revise a proposed ‘Societal Shock Resilience Framework’.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jun-Aug14-202021

    eScience Institute - Data Science for Social Good Summer Program

    The UW Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) program at the UW eScience Institute, a partner of the West Big Data Innovation Hub, has accepted student fellow applications and project proposals for the 2021 summer session. Fellows will work with academic researchers, data scientists, and public stakeholder groups on data-intensive research projects that will leverage data science approaches to address societal challenges in areas such as public policy, environmental impacts, and more. DSSG is also looking for project proposals from academic researchers, public agencies, non-profit entities, and industry who are looking for an opportunity to work closely with data science professionals and students on focused, collaborative projects to make better use of their data. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 program will be conducted remotely.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jun14-242021

    Gateways Focus Week

    Gateway Focus Week brings together a cohort of gateway creators to work together on developing sustainable plans for their gateways. Focus Week helps software and website projects get to the next level.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jun15-172021

    EarthCube Annual Meeting 2021

    Network(ing) for the Future. Participants will learn about important opportunities on the horizon for EarthCube - including novel geoscience research approaches, such as new tools, techniques, and data repositories. See site for details regarding the call for abstracts, posters, notebooks, and student award opportunities.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jun172021

    Technology Forum: Increasing the Impact of High Resolution Topography Data with OpenTopography

    The cyberinfrastructure platform enables users to efficiently discover, access and process massive volumes of data. OpenTopography also increases the impact of investments in the collection of data and catalyzes scientific discovery. Join us to learn more about the motivations, technology and data assets behind the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded OpenTopography platform.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jun172021

    Expanse Webinar: Overview of Visualization on Expanse

    Introduction to visualization resources available on SDSC's newest supercomputer, Expanse, including Matlab and R through the Expanse User Portal (EUP) and Bokeh, Holoviews, and DataShader using Python and Jupyter Notebooks.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jun22-242021

    SDSC's Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Machine Learning Summer Institute

    *APPLICATION CLOSED* The CIML Summer Institute will involve introducing ML researchers, developers and educators to the techniques and methods needed to migrate their ML applications from smaller, locally run resources, such as laptops and workstations, to large-scale HPC systems, such as the SDSC Expanse supercomputer.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Jul19-222021


    ACM PEARC21 will take place virtually from July 19-22, 2021 and will explore the current practice and experience in advanced research computing including workforce development, training, diversity, applications and software, and systems and software. This yearʻs theme is “Evolution Across All Dimensions”.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Aug2-132021

    OSG Virtual Summer School

    Participants will learn to use high throughput computing (HTC) to harness vast amounts of computing power for research, applicable to nearly any field of study. In past Schools, we have helped people in physics, chemistry, engineering, life sciences, earth sciences, agricultural and animal sciences, economics, social sciences, medicine, and more.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Aug2-62021

    SDSC's Annual High Performance Computing and Data Science Summer Institute

    *Application deadline: Sunday, May 16 (EXTENDED)* This year’s Summer Institute continues SDSC’s strategy of bringing HPC to the “long tail of science,” i.e., providing resources to a larger number of modest-sized computational research projects that represent, in aggregate, a tremendous amount of scientific research and discovery.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Sep232021

    Technology Forum: SDSC Voyager – An Innovative Resource for AI & Machine Learning

    Join us to learn about SDSC’s most recent supercomputer award, the Voyager system. With an innovative system architecture uniquely optimized for deep learning (DL) operations and AI workloads, Voyager will provide an opportunity for researchers to explore and implement new deep learning techniques.

    This event will be held remotely.