• 1/17/19HDSI Distinguished Lecturer Series: How We Make Computers TalkCathy Pearl is a UC San Diego alumnae and current Head of Conversation Design Outreach at Google.SDSC Auditorium
  • 1/18/19New High-Performance Computing Students (HPC-Students) GroupKick-off Meeting: SDSC invites students who are interested in learning and interacting with others involved in High-Performance Computing (HPC), which now spans many science domains such as Applied Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Data Science, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences, and more. Along the way, the group will learn more about concepts common throughout HPC including optimization, distributed computing, cloud computing, containers, GPU acceleration, and parallel coding at scale.SDSC Auditorium
  • 1/24/19TSCC Training Series: Introduction to Accessing and Running JobsThis bootcamp will cover everything new users need to know about using the TSCC system.  Bootcamp will include a lecture-based webinar followed by hands-on, in person training.SDSC E-B143 & Webinar
  • 1/31/19Technology Forum Breakfast: Blockchain Applications in Research and IndustryAs a leader in blockchain research SDSC discusses the recently launched BlockLAB and Open Science Chain.  Join us for breakfast to learn more about blockchain and distributed ledger technologies for research and industrial applications beyond cryptocurrencies.SDSC E-B143
  • 2/12/19Introduction to Singularity: Containers For High-Performance Computing (Webinar 11:00AM PT)This 2-hour webinar provides an introduction to running Singularity containers on Comet for users currently using Comet and those who want to know more about running Singularity on XSEDE’s Comet supercomputer. SDSC’s computational scientist Marty Kandes provides an in-depth review of the important issues pertaining to running Singularity in the Comet high-performance ecosystem and includes several useful container examples for you to explore following the webinar.Webinar
  • 2/21/19SDSC Technology Forum Breakfast: Emerging File System Technologies for AI and HPC Dave Hiatt from WekaIO, an SDSC industrial partner, will describe how WekaIO’s flash-based parallel file system technology is attacking the CPU/GPU data starvation problem in applications including AI, autonomous vehicles, life sciences research, modeling & simulation, and others.SDSC E-B143
  • 2/28/19TSCC Training Series: Overview and Using SoftwareMark your 2019 calendar, details to come!SDSC E-B143 & Webinar