Upcoming Events

  • Jan-May14-62022

    SDSC’s HPC/CI Training Series

    SDSC’s High Performance Computing (HPC)/ Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Training Series was developed to support UC San Diego undergraduates and graduates interested in furthering their knowledge of HPC concepts and hands-on training, as well as, building a team interested in competing in the Student Cluster Competition held at the annual International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC). This program is available to any who are interested in advancing their knowledge and experience on HPC systems and concepts.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Feb22022

    NMDC Community Conversation – Enabling shared ownership of science gateways with user-centered design

    The National Microbiome Data Collaborative Community Conversations invites panelists to join us in discussing topics of broad interest for our microbiome research community. Through our usability activities, we have found that most microbiome researchers are new to the concept of UCD, yet incorporating feedback from our community is critical for ensuring that our priorities evolve with the needs of the community. Hence, this Community Conversation will focus on how a user centered design approach enables successful development of science gateways.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Feb172022

    Expanse Webinar: Accessing and Running Jobs on Expanse

    This webinar covers the basics of accessing SDSC's Expanse supercomputer, managing the user environment, compiling and running jobs using Slurm, where to run them, and how to run batch jobs. We will also cover interactive computing using applications such as Jupyter Notebooks and how to run them via the command line or from the Expanse portal. It is assumed that you have mastered the basic skills of logging onto HPC systems using SSH and running basic Unix commands on these systems.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Feb232022

    Technology Forum with Graphcore: Exploiting Parallelism in Large Scale Deep Learning Model Training: From Chips to Systems to Algorithms

    Attend this session to learn about how Graphcore aims to address scale challenges associated with training large models. Get to know our Intelligent Processing Unit (IPU) – a purpose-built hardware accelerator with a unique MIMD architecture – designed to address the most demanding compute and memory bandwidth needs of modern ML models. Our network disaggregated architecture uniquely positions us to build highly scalable systems (IPU-PODs) with thousands of accelerators aimed at exploiting various dimensions of parallelism.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Mar172022

    Expanse Webinar: Singularity – Containers for Scientific and High-Performance Computing

    Come learn all about Singularity containers.

    This event will be held remotely.