Expanse Webinar: Singularity – Containers for Scientific and High-Performance Computing

Thursday, March 17, 2022

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

This event will be held remotely.

Singularity is an open-source container engine designed to bring operating system-level virtualization to scientific and high-performance computing. With Singularity you can package complex computational workflows --- software applications, libraries, and data --- in a simple, portable, and reproducible way, which can then be run almost anywhere. Once you've created your Singularity container, you can run it on the workstation in your lab, on a virtual machine in the public cloud, or on the world's largest supercomputers. Singularity is all about the mobility of compute.

In this webinar, we'll provide an overview of Singularity and how you might incorporate the use of containers in your own research. We'll also show you how to access and use some of the containerized applications that we make available to users on Expanse at SDSC.


Marty Kandes, Ph.D.

Computational & Data Science Research Specialist, HPC User Services Group - SDSC

Marty Kandes is a Computational and Data Science Research Specialist in the High-Performance Computing User Services Group at SDSC. He currently helps manage user support for Expanse, SDSC’s NSF-funded supercomputer, and maintains all the Singularity containers supported on these systems.