Using Globus Online Sharing at SDSC

Note: The Globus Sharing configurations described below are now valid for both Comet and Gordon.


  • Account and allocation on SDSC XSEDE resources – Comet or Gordon
  • Globus account: Users can set themselves up with an account at:
  • Globus Plus Subscription: Users have two options to obtain a subscription:
    1. Request SDSC for a plus subscription. Users with active Data Oasis allocations are eligible.
    2. Buy a personal plus subscription on the Globus website. Users can request a trial account if they wish to test these features.

Instructions for setting up sharing

  1. Login to the Globus website.
  2. Set up your sharing locations on Comet or Gordon. This can be done either on the Globus website by opening the endpoint for Comet (xsede#comet) or Gordon (xsede#gordon) from the start transfer location
    by logging in directly to Comet or Gordon and creating the location for sharing.
    For security purposes, the locations are restricted to:
    • /oasis/scratch/$USER/temp_project/shared on Comet or Gordon
    • /oasis/projects/nsf/gpname/$USER/shared on Comet or Gordon

      Note here that the gpname refers to the allocation group, for example cla527

  3. Click on the Transfer Files tab. Note: If you already logged into the Globus website, you can find the Transfer Files link under the Quick Links tab).

    image of transfer files tab

  4. Choose the SDSC XSEDE endpoint xsede#gordon and hit go:

    endpoint selection screenshot

  5. Change the path to your chosen data sharing location and hit go:

    data-sharing path selection screenshot

  6. Create a subdirectory in this location. This will be shared as an endpoint. Multiple subdirectories can be created and shared as different endpoints. You can also share a directory that is already in this location (i.e. you don't have to create a new one every time):

    create new folder screenshot

  7. Change directories to the newly created directory by double clicking on the folder in the transfer window.
  8. Enable sharing by clicking on the share option:

    enable sharing screenshot

  9. Clicking on share will give you a window that lets you add a shared endpoint. Click on the Add Shared Endpoint button:

    add shared endpoint screenshot

  10. This will give you a window that lets you define the endpoint name, and further configure the sharing options (you can leave the defaults in place for them). Please do not use dashes in the endpoint name, as the http links will not work with dashes.

    additional endpoint configuration options

  11. Once you click on the Create and Manage Access button, the endpoint is set up. You can control access in the next window that appears:

    endpoint access control screenshot

    You can enter the Globus User or Group name of people (who you want to give access to) if you already know them, choose the appropriate permissions and click on the add button. Otherwise, click on the search button to look for users/groups on Globus.

    NOTE 1: If a Globus online user has restricted external access to their profile you may not be able to find them. See Creating Groups and Sharing with Private Users for more information.

    NOTE 2: The path / is relative to the endpoint location.

  12. Close the Manage Shared Endpoint window once you are done configuring (click on the x). At this point the endpoint is set up and can be accessed by people you allow via the configuration.

Creating Groups

You can create groups to control sharing permissions.

  1. Click on the Groups Tab:

    Groups tab selection screenshot

  2. Click on the create new group link

    new group link screenshot

  3. Give the group a name and set privacy permissions:

    new group naming and privacy settings screenshot

  4. Click on the newly created group; management tabs will show up. Click on the Members tab to invite users to the group.

    group member invitation and management tab screenshot

  5. You can invite users using their email (preferred to avoid accidently adding unknown users) or their globus online names.

    invite by email address screenshot
    invite by globus online username screenshot

  6. Once the users accept the invitation, you have to acknowledge that in the same place. At this point the users will be part of the group. You can give group level permissions at this point.

Sharing with Private Users

If a user chooses to make their Globus account private, you will not be able to find them to allow sharing. If this is the case, you will need to add them to a group (send invite via email) and then give share permissions.

Common Errors and Helpful Links

You may experience some problems...