Skill Building Tutorials

As-you-need-them learning modules to help you use High-Performance and Data-Intensive computing resources for your own research needs.

Overview of SDSC's Comet Supercomputer

This video provides a general overview of SDSC's Comet supercomputer including a series of short presentations on Comet's architecture, available software, running jobs, gateways, virtual clusters, and more. List of presenters: Shawn Strande (Deputy Director), Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, Trevor Cooper, and Mahidhar Tatineni.

Introduction to Comet for Users

SDSC's User Support Group Lead, Mahidhar Tatineni, provides a practical hands-on introduction to SDSC's Comet supercomputer including a detailed review of the Comet architecture, configuring your user environment, submitting and running jobs, deploying Hadoop, using Singularity, and more. Slides and video recording are available.  

Introduction to Machine Learning on Comet

In this 2-hour webinar, deep learning expert Dr. Paul Rodriguez tries to organize and introduce the plethora of terms and concepts that comprise machine learning, describe how machine learning can be used on Comet HPC resources using R, and demonstrate with a quick tutorial how a simple deep learning model works using Python.

Using Globus Online Sharing at SDSC

This brief tutorial introduces users to Globus, the preferred file sharing application for large amounts of data, including prerequisites, instructions for setting up sharing, creating groups, sharing with private users, common errors, and useful links. 

Running Matlab on SDSC Systems

This tutorial walks users through the details of running Matlab on Comet and Gordon-Simons, including setting up your environment, submitting serial and parallel jobs, running interactively or with a batch script, configuring a secure shell, and a simple fft example. 

Running the VisIt Visualization Application on Comet

This tutorial steps the user through the basic process of creating a scientific visualization on SDSC's Comet Supercomputer using the VisIt visualization package by running VisIt locally on your desktop and connecting to Comet remotely using SSH. This tutorial also includes an example of running VisIt in 'batch mode' on Comet, plus a strategy for benchmarking VisIt's performance on Comet. 

Using Hadoop on SDSC Systems

This brief tutorial instructs user on the basic steps of running Hadoop on SDSC's Comet supercomputer, including configuration and runtime details plus examples. 

Running Singularity Containers on Comet

This is a two hour webinar on how to build and run Singularity containers on Comet. Marty Kandes provides a comprehensive overview and some hands-on demonstrations of the many options for using Singularity with Comet. 

Running Tensorflow with Singularity on Comet

SDSC data analyst, Dr. Mai Nguyen, demonstrates how to train a Tensorflow deep learning model using a custom Singularity container to perform pattern recognition on a large data set of images to differentiate cats from dogs.  

On Demand Training (XSEDE)

The Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) offers training classes and on-demand tutorials to teach users how to maximize their productivity and learn new technologies for using XSEDE services. The training courses and tutorials focus on systems and software supported by the XSEDE Service Providers, covering programming principles and techniques for using resources and services effectively.