Advanced Computing Training

Training classes and workshops introduce new and current users to the high-performance computing, data, and visualization resources available at SDSC and provide the programming skills necessary to use SDSC resources effectively and efficiently. Workshops offer experienced users more in-depth instruction, including hands-on assistance with their own codes and collaborative discussions with other users and parallel computing experts.


  • Mar72024

    COMPLECS: Code Migration

    Introduction to porting codes and workflows to HPC resources.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Mar19-212024

    FABRIC - KNIT 8 Workshop

    KNIT 8, the next FABRIC Community Workshop, will take place March 19-21, 2024 in San Diego, CA. KNIT 8 will be hosted by the San Diego Supercomputer Center and co-located with the Fifth National Research Platform (5NRP) Workshop. It will be the first workshop since FABRIC has entered full operations.

    Location: SDSC

  • Mar20-222024

    Fifth National Research Platform

    The Fifth National Research Platform (5NRP) workshop will focus on examining opportunities for designing and implementing future-oriented cyber-capabilities for our science research communities, and how to engage researchers and educators. This event is held in partnership with FABRIC's KNIT 8 workshop.

    Location: Qualcomm Institute, UC San Diego

  • Mar212024

    COMPLECS: Batch Computing: Getting Started with Batch Job Scheduling - Slurm Edition

    A brief introduction on how to schedule your batch jobs on high-performance computing systems using the Slurm Workload Manager.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Apr42024

    COMPLECS: HPC Hardware Overview

    A brief introduction into what makes up a HPC system and how users should use this information. No programming required.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • Apr182024

    COMPLECS: Interactive Computing

    Interactive high-performance computing (HPC) involves real-time user inputs that result in actions being performed on HPC compute nodes. This session presents an overview of interactive computing tools and methods.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • May22024

    COMPLECS: Parallel Computing Concepts

    A brief introduction to fundamental concepts in parallel computing. No programming experience needed.

    This event will be held remotely.

  • May162024

    COMPLECS: Intermediate Linux and Shell Scripting

    A survey of intermediate Linux skills for effectively using advanced cyberinfrastructure.

    This event will be held remotely.