Training for Advanced Computing Users

Training classes and workshops introduce new and current users to the high performance computing, data, and visualization resources available at SDSC and provide the programming skills necessary to use SDSC resources effectively and efficiently. Workshops offer experienced users more in-depth instruction, including hands-on assistance with their own codes and collaborative discussions with other users and parallel computing experts.

SDSC Training Events

Upcoming SDSC Training Events*

Date Time  Topic Presenter Machine(s)
01/23/20 11:00-12:00 PDT Using NVIDIA Rapids Toolkit on Comet Marty Kandes Comet
02/20/20 11:00-12:00 PDT GPU accelerated computing with CUDA Python Abe Stern (NVIDIA) Comet
03/19/20 11:00-12:00 PDT Running SeedMeLab on Comet Amit Chourasia Comet

*Tentative, subject to change 

Past SDSC Training Events

Date Topic Presenter Machine(s)
1/10-3/13/20 HPC User Training Series


12/12/19 Data Visualization Using Python and Jupyter Notebooks

Jeff Sale

11/21/19 SDSC SC19 Schedule

SDSC @ Supercomputing 2019 in Denver.

SDSC Staff
10/17/19 Introduction to Deep Learning (Comet) Mai Nguyen Comet
10/15/19 Triton Shared Computing Cluster (TSCC) 101 Fall Training Subhashini Sivagnanam and Mary Thomas TSCC
09/19/19 Understanding Performance and Obtaining Hardware Information (Comet) Robert Sinkovits Comet
08/20/19-8/21/19 NVIDIA DLI: Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision and Accelerating Data Science Workflows with RAPIDS Abe Stern (NVIDIA), SDSC Staff Comet

SDSC Summer Institute 2019

SDSC Staff Comet
6/11/19 A Quick Introduction to Machine Learning with Comet Paul Rodriguez Comet
6/10/19 Introduction to Scientific Visualization With VisIt (Comet) Amit Chourasia Comet
5/16/19 Introduction to Python for Data Scientists (TSCC) Bob Sinkovits TSCC
5/14/19 Distributed Parallel Computing with Python (Comet) Andrea Zonca Comet
4/9/19 GPU Computing and Programming (Comet) Andreas Goetz Comet
3/21/19 Introduction to Singularity: Containers for High-Performance Computing (TSCC) Marty Kandes TSCC
3/12/19 Working With Parallel File Systems on Comet Manu Shantharam Comet
2/12/19 An Introduction to Singularity: Containers For High-Performance Computing (Comet) Marty Kandes Comet
1/24/19 Introduction to Accessing and Running Jobs on the TSCC System

Subhashini Sivagnanam and Mary Thomas

1/8/19 Introduction to Running Jobs on Comet Mary Thomas Comet


Understanding Performance and Obtaining Hardware Information (Comet) 

Bob Sinkovits




About SDSC Advanced Training

SDSC Webinars

Webinars are synchronous, online training events designed to be accessible by a large number of participants distributed throughout the globe. 

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SDSC Summer Institute

Each summer SDSC hosts a week-long training event offering our users a more intensive, focused training experience. Learn more about the SDSC 

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SDSC attends the annual Supercomputing Conference and hosts a booth where researchers present 'lightning' talks on the exciting research being done at SDSC. Learn more about 

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SDSC Bootcamps

SDSC Bootcamps are training sessions that include different types of training materials, including lectures, webinars, tutorials, and hands-on coding/practice sessions that provide the attendee with a more in-depth learning experience.

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SDSC Skill-Building Tutorials

SDSC offers a collection of online Skill-Building Tutorials for self-paced training experience.

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Camps & Workshops

SDSC also offers Camps & Workshops for a more in-depth face-to-face training experience.

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Other SDSC Training Events

SDSC offers additional professional development events for faculty and staff researchers.

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Other Training Resources

XSEDE offers a wide range of on-demand training material including the Cornell Virtual Workshop and the CI-Tutor. 

On Demand Training (XSEDE)

The HPC University is a curated repository of learning resource for the advanced computing community. 

HPC University

The HPC Students Program provides undergraduate and high school students with training and experience in the design and use of high-performance computing systems. .

HPC Students Program