Using the Seedme Data Management System on Comet

Presented on March 19 , 2020, by Amit Chourasia

SeedMeLab is web based data management system. It enables the hosting of data on the web/intranet with access controls and pluggable identity management. The expressive and extensible file system allows data, its description and its discussion to be collocated which catalyzes discovery. It enables rich presentation and visualization that aids in making data more insightful. The built in web services, coupled with an API extension, make it a powerful platform to integrate with existing research data flow. 

We have set up a dedicated instance of SeedMeLab for HPC users. In this webinar we provide hands on training to move, share and present your data to/from Comet in a rich way. Attendees will gain familiarity and practical know-how about the following:

  1. Overview of SeedMeLab
  2. Registrating and accessing SeedMeLaB
  3. Usage from web browser - Data transfer, adding annotations, comments, sharing and inviting others
  4. Usage from Comet - data transfer, adding annotations, scripting, using it to report simulation progress
  5. Usage set up from other resources
  6. Other use cases of SeedMeLab.


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Download slides for this webinar. 

About the Instructor:

Amit Chourasia, M.Sc., (SDSC | Sr. Visualization Scientist)

Amit Chourasia is a Sr. Visualization Scientist at the San Diego Supercomputer CenterUC San Diego where he leads the Visualization Group. His work is focused on leading the research, development and application of software tools and techniques for visualization. Key area of his work is to develop methods to represent data in a visual form that is clear, succinct and accurate (a challenging yet very exciting endeavor). He has had an opportunity to work with research groups in diverse science and engineering disciplines and contends that with the help of visualization, domain and data scientists can visually validate and investigate their data, explore and gain significant insights as well as share results within and outside their community.