Introduction to Scientific Visualization with VisIt (Comet)

Presented on June 10, 2019, by Amit Chourasia Ph.D.

(Hybrid Format: in-person and online)

Visualization is largely understood and used as an excellent communication tool by researchers. This narrow view often keeps scientists from fully using and developing their visualization skillset. This tutorial will provide a “from the ground up” understanding of visualization and its utility in error diagnostics and exploration of data for scientific insight. When used effectively visualization can provide a complementary and effective toolset for data analysis, which is one of the most challenging problems in computational domains. In this tutorial we plan to bridge these gaps by providing end users with fundamental visualization concepts, execution tools, customization and usage examples. The tutorial will be focused on visualization techniques for mesh-based data such as rectilinear grids.

The tutorial consists of three closely related sessions as follows:

  • Visualization fundamentals: Lecture – Assay of standard techniques and their utility (45 min)
  • Hands on Visualization with VisIt software on your computer/laptop (80 mins).
  • Remote visualization with VisIt software on Comet cluster at SDSC. (30 mins)


About the Instructor:

Amit Chourasia, Ph.D. (SDSC | Senior Visualization Scientist)

Amit Chourasia leads the Visualization Services group at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). His work is focused on research, development and application of software tools and techniques for visualization. Key portion of his work is to find ways to represent data in a visual form that is clear, succinct and accurate - a challenging yet very exciting endeavor.


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