TSCC Workshop: Introduction to Python for Data Scientists

Presented on Thursday, May 16, 2019, by Bob Sinkovits, Ph.D.

The Python programming language provides an ideal platform for anyone who needs to work with data. The language itself is intuitive and flexible, but the full power of the Python ecosystem derives from the wide variety of packages available for doing everything from machine learning to data visualization. Using Jupyter Notebooks, we will start by introducing the basics of the language. We’ll then briefly touch on popular packages used for plotting (Matplotlib), data manipulation and analysis (pandas), numeric computing (NumPy) and machine learning (scikit-learn). Since the breadth of topics spans much more than we can fully covers in two hours, all materials are made available on GitHub so that attendees can continue learning on their own (https://github.com/sinkovit/PythonSeries).

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About the Instructor:

Robert Sinkovits, Ph.D. (SDSC | Director for Scientific Computing Applications)

Robert Sinkovits, Ph.D. leads the scientific applications efforts at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He has collaborated with researchers spanning a large number of fields including physics, chemistry, astronomy, structural biology, finance and the social sciences, always with an emphasis on making the most effective use of high end computing resources. Before returning to SDSC, he was the primary developer of the AUTO3DEM and IHRSR++ software packages used for solving the structures of icosahedral and helical macromolecular structures, respectively. He has approximately 50 journal publications, book chapters and conference proceedings. He is also an avid cyclist and mountain climber, having summited nearly 300 peaks.


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