Comet Webinar: Introduction to Running Jobs on Comet

Presented on January 8, 2019 by Mary Thomas, Ph.D..


This webinar covers the basics of accessing the SDSC Comet supercomputer, managing the user environment, compiling and running jobs on Comet, where to run them, and how to run batch jobs. It is assumed that you have mastered the basics skills of logging onto Comet and running basic Unix commands. The webinar will include access to training material.

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Download slides for this webinar.   |   Access the Running Jobs examples on GitHub



About the Instructor:

Mary Thomas, Ph.D. (SDSC | Computational Data Scientist, HPC Trainer)

Mary Thomas is a member of the Data Enabled Scientific Computing (DESC) division. Mary holds a Ph.D. in computational science, and M.S. degrees in computer science and physics. Her research interests include: HPC computing and training; coastal ocean modeling; cyberinfrastructure and emerging technologies, including Jupyter notebooks, interactive and cloud computing. For more information, see

For more training info see:  Training for Advanced Computing Users