SDSC Training at Supercomputing 18

SC2018 Highlights

Lightning Talks: Gateways To Data-Driven Learning: “Wow! Learn This Now!"

Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 13 & 14, 1:00-3:00pm

This year, SDSC will host a series of "lightning tutorials" on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 13 & 14, from 1pm to 3pm in the SDSC Booth. Participants receive SDSC's latest T-shirt for attending the entire session! 


  • Robert Sinkovits, Director, Scientific Computing Applications, SDSC; Director of Training, SDSC
  • Mahidhar Tatineni, User Services Manager, SDSC
  • Ilya Zaslavsky, Director, Spatial Information Systems Laboratory, SDSC


  • Multi-threaded and Out-of-core Programming in Python
    • Tutorial on processing data larger than memory (out-of-core computing) and using multiple cores in Python using dask.
  • SuAVE: Collaborative Visual Analysis as an Educational Resource
    • A demonstration of SDSC’s new SuAVE (Survey Analysis via Visual Exploration) tool running various neural networks and other models using Jupyter notebooks.
  • Machine Learning: Deep Convolution Neural Network
    • Demonstration using Python, Keras library with Tensorflow to train a convolution network to recognize handwritten digits.
  • Loop level parallelization of C/C++ using OpenMP
    • Tutorial on parallelizing simple loops in C/C++ with even and uneven work per iteration using OpenMP.

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