K-12 Programs

SDSC leverages its expertise and innovation to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, and engineers, and to empower the educators who guide them. The K-12 outreach program broadly advances STEM participation through hands-on workshops, internships, and academic mentorship opportunities.



The UC San Diego GirlTECH program provides opportunities that encourage young women in middle and high school to learn and apply computational thinking and coding skills.

Mentor Assistance Program

The MAP Program pairs high school students in a mentoring relationship with experts from a vast array of disciplines across campus allowing students to take first steps towared a potential career path while building foundations for academic success.

Research Experience for High School Students

REHS is a summer hub for high school students who are interested in receiving firsthand experience as they consider pursuing a career in the area of computational science.

Student Tech

The SDSC StudentTECH program offers year-round science, technology, and programming workshops for students in grades 4-12.


Teacher Tech

The SDSC TeacherTECH program supports K-12 STEM curriculum and professional development workshops.