HPC Students Program

HPC Students @ SDSC

A program for educating and training the next generation of HPC professionals and researchers

The HPC Students Program focuses on educating and training the next generation of High-Performance Computing professionals and researchers. It is designed to educate students from high school to grad school about HPC, to motivate them to pursue HPC careers, and to serve as bridge between students and HPC-related research and researchers. The program initially works with UCSD undergraduates, and will be expanded to include other groups as time and budget permits.

The program is committed to sponsoring and supporting student activities through funding and providing of resources. This includes:

  • Interaction and outreach to UCSD Clubs, including the newly formed UCSD Supercomputing Club (HPC-Students)
  • Support and advocacy for students applying to HPC related activities including applications for graduate school, grants, support to travel to meetings, etc.
  • Increased student participation at conferences & meetings, including local, national, and international
  • Hosting student focused training workshops/bootcamps/hackathons/material for students
  • Mentoring and sponsoring competitive teams, such as the annual Student Cluster Competition
  • Support of SDSC and NSF broader engagement goals

Student Club Services

The program is committed to supporting relevant student organizations on campus with significant resources in support of common goals. Some of the benefits SDSC provides include:

  • Meeting and lab space
  • Access to SDSC (and the NSF-sponsored XSEDE project) supercomputing resources and expertise
  • Mentoring for projects, activities, and club events

UCSD Supercomputing Club

SDSC is providing support to the UCSD Supercomputing Club in the form of staff mentors, use of public spaces, access to HPC resources, and funding for some activities.

HPC Related Activities & Opportunities

The program supports, advocates for, and mentors students applying for HPC-related activities: grants, support to travel to meetings, etc. Our goal is to increase student participation at conferences & meetings, including local, national, and international.

Student Cluster Competition at SC (SCC'19)

SDSC supports competition at one of the largest technical meetings in HPC in the world, the annual Supercomputing Conference (SC). SC supports many student activities, including the Student Cluster Competition (SCC). This year, SDSC is excited to announce the HPC Students Program is collaborating with the UCSD Supercomputing Club to sponsor and train a team to participate in its Student Cluster Competition (SCC'19).

Our goal is to successfully apply to be a team at the SCC’19 competition, to be held in Denver this Fall. Acceptance to the competition is competitive and requires serious preparation and intensive skill development. Although participation on the team is limited to undergraduates, general SCC'19 registration is open to UCSD undegraduate and graduate students

Registration is now open!

You can now review the tentative Training Program to get an idea of the time and effort involved.

The SCC'19 team is sponsored by the program, the UCSD Supercomputing Club, and by our sponsors.

SCC competition is an annual activity. Other upcoming competitions sponsored by the HPC Students Program include sponsoring a team at ISC High-Performance Computing during Summer 2020.