• Fighting COVID-19 with Knowledge GraphsResearchers are launching an effort to organize COVID-19 information into a transdisciplinary knowledge network that integrates health, pathogen, and environmental data to better track cases to improve analysis and forecasting across the greater San Diego regionLearn More
  • Supercomputers Reveal True Strengths of Some Zirconia CeramicsZirconia-based ceramics are useful for an array of applications ranging from dental implants and artificial joints to jet engine partsLearn More
  • Supercomputing Drug Screening For Deadly Heart ArrhythmiasTo help prevent sudden cardiac arrest caused by the side effects from medications, scientists are now using supercomputers to screen drugs through their chemical structures for induced arrhythmiasLearn More
  • Supercomputer Simulations Help Advance Electrochemical Reaction ResearchSingle-atom catalysts (such as nickel embedded in a thin layer of graphite) have recently emerged as promising innovations for solving environmental and energy issuesLearn More
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