• Multiple Supercomputers Used to Simulate Carbon in Earth’s Outer CoreWhile humans can't directly access the earth's core, researchers use supercomputer simulations to illustrate how the Earth’s outer core consists of a dance party among iron and carbon atoms. Learn More
  • Computational Models Move Researchers Closer to Tuberculosis VaccineThe global COVID-19 pandemic caused an increase in tuberculosis deaths due to a lack of efficient diagnosis and treatment. Researchers are using supercomputers like SDSC's Expanse to change that. Learn More
  • Study Finds Imbalances in California’s Water UseWhile water supply and use vary with precipitation, California's agricultural areas use much more water than urban areas and show no evidence of conservation—even during periods of severe drought. Learn More
  • Doubling Compute Capacity for Data-Intensive Physics with Microsoft AzureSDSC and OSG used Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to enable scientists to accomplish in a few days what would normally take them weeks, thus accelerating science and opening up new scientific pursuits.Learn More
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