• West Big Data Hub at SDSC to Partner for Data Storage Network under New NSF GrantThe Open Storage Network will enable national collaborations and allow academic researchers across the nation to share their data more efficiently than ever beforeLearn More
  • SDSC Comet and Machine Learning Simulates H2O with “Unprecedented Accuracy”Molecular simulations using modern supercomputers are key to the rational design of novel materials with applications ranging from fuel cells to water purification systems, atmospheric climate models and computational drug designLearn More
  • How an Enzyme Repairs DNA via a “Pinch-Push-Pull” MechanismWhen it comes to preserving one of biology’s basic processes – the replication of the genetic code – supercomputer simulations reveal the difference between normal cell division and a potentially hazardous mutationLearn More
  • SDSC’s Industry Partners Program Announces Technology Forum RoundtablesThe SDSC Industry Partners Program’s new series for industrial research engagements includes a quarterly breakfast focusing on high-performance computing in the life sciences and challenges associated with moving massive data setsLearn More
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