• A Quantum Leap for Molecular Simulations on GPUsDeveloping improved materials for things such as energy storage and drug discovery is of interest to researchers and society alike. Quantum mechanics is the basis for molecular and materials scientists who develop these useful, futuristic products.Learn More
  • Interim Director Named for San Diego Supercomputer CenterA distributed high-throughput computing leader, a faculty member in the Department of Physics and a founding faculty member of the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute, Frank Würthwein will serve as SDSC's interim director.Learn More
  • Supercomputers Aid in Maternal and Paternal DNA Research at UC IrvineNovel research not only leads to improvements in genome completeness, but also helps scientists better understand the genetic relationships between individuals, populations and species. Learn More
  • A Match Made in … the CloudThe San Diego Supercomputer Center and CERN team up and leverage an alliance with Strategic Blue, a UK-based Fintech company that helps organizations optimize procurement of cloud services.Learn More
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