CSE228F, Spring 2000: Multimedia Systems



Class Hours: MW 10:10-11:30 at SDSC Room 116
Wednesday May 31st Class starts at 9:00 am
Office Hours: MW 11:30-12:30 at SDSC Room 261 (or by appointment)

Slides and/or Notes

  1. Introduction: Multimedia and Multimedia Systems, Engineering Issues [ppt]
  2. Basics of Compression: Unconstrained and constrained-length Huffman encoding, Golomb-Rice encoding, Lossless JPEG [ppt]
  3. Basics of Compression: JPEG-LS standard, LZW encoding and GIF, Network-aware compression [ppt]
  4. Basics of Compression: Lossy Compression, JPEG-standard, JPEG 2000 proposal [ppt]
  5. Video Compression [ppt]
  6. The MPEG standard [ppt]
  7. MPEG-4 standards [ppt]
  8. Multimedia Servers [ppt]
  9. Multimedia Servers: Service Models, Vertical Striping in Fellini [ppt]
  10. Multimedia Servers: Horizontal Striping in Fellini [ppt]
    Answer to Problem 1: T1, T2 have periods 6 and 8 and two subtasks each, and are distributed over 4 disks. Start them at 0 and 1 respectively.
    Answer to Problem 2: T1, T2, T3 have periods 6, 8 and 8 and two subtasks each, and are distributed over 4 disks. Start them at 0, 1 and 3 respectively.
  11. Managing VBR Video traffic: Bandwidth Smoothing Techniques [ppt]

Reading Assignments

  1. A. Eleftheriadis and D. Anastassiou, "Optimal Data Partitioning of MPEG-2 Coded Video", IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, to be published.
  2. M.R. Izquierdo and D.S. Reeves, "A Survey of Statistical Models for Variable-bit-rate Compressed Video", ACM Multimedia Systems Journal, 7, 1999, 199-213.
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  6. J.C. Pasquale, G.C. Polyzos and G. Xylomenos, "The Multimedia Multicasting Problem", ACM Multimedia Systems Journal, 6, 1998, 43-59.
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  10. F. Nack and A.T. Lindsay, "Everything you wanted to know about MPEG-7" (distributed in class), IEEE Multimedia Magazine, 6, Nos.3,4, 1999.


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