The Live Web Cameras...
From the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD

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You're looking East over the eucalyptus trees towards University Town Center (the clump of tall buildings), Scripps Hospital on the UCSD campus across I-5 (middle of the image) and Miramar (off in the distance). This image is taken from one of the highest points on the UCSD campus (~500 ft). On clear days, you can see the mountains in the distance. On occasion the camera captures images of fighters flying by from Miramar. The image is refreshed at 120 second intervals. There are 4 more cameras below. One of them is CONTROLLABLE in real time. It's at the bottom!

Aerial Image (8 meter or 1 meter resolution) of SDSC and the surrounding area

Here's a Link to a Yahoo Map!

This camera is not light sensitive... if you see a black square, it's dark :)

Other WebCams at SDSC

Ocean View, From The Director's Office

SDSC Machine Room Cam #1

SDSC Machine Room Cam #2

WebCam At My House

(gotta love cablemodems -- this is LIVE)

Aerial Image (1 meter resolution) of this area
CONTROL THIS CAMERA -- tilt/pan/zoom (Server Push -- Netscape Required)