Resource Documentation

SDSC provides and supports a wide range of computing and data resources for the research community. These resources are available for use by the University of California researchers, to academic researchers in the U.S, and to industry affiliates.

Expanse User Guide

Expanse is a dedicated eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) cluster designed by Dell and SDSC delivering 3,373 peak petaflops, and will offer Composable systems and Cloud bursting. Expanse begins production in Fall 2020.

Comet User Guide

Comet is SDSC's petascale supercomputer designed to transform advanced scientific computing by expanding access and capacity among traditional as well as non-traditional research domains. With 1984 nodes and an overall peak performance of two petaflops, Comet began production in early 2015.

Data Oasis User Guide

Data Oasis is an on-line, high-performance, Lustre-based storage resource with a 5 PB capacity that is available to all users of Comet, Gordon, and Trestles. It was designed to meet the needs of data-intensive research by providing easy-to-use, high capacity, short- to medium-term storage with useable bandwidth on the order of up to 300+ GB/s and latencies that are far lower than near-line and tape-based storage systems. However, it is not an archival system and stored data is single-copy and not backed up.

Gordon-Simons User Guide

A 1024-node resource with 64 TB DRAM, 256 TB of flash memory, and 4 PB disk storage. Gordon-Simons incorporates flash memory into its architecture, allowing it to solve data-intensive problems up to ten times faster. Formerly one of the XSEDE national systems resources, it transitioned to commercial use in April 2017.

TSCC User Guide

UCSD's Triton Shared Computing Cluster is the successor to the UCSD Triton Resource. Unlike its predecessor, TSCC is funded directy through UCSD Research IT Services. This cluster uses a condo/hotel participation model with nodes available for purchase or rent. Potential new users may want to view the TSCC Purchase Info page.

Retired Resources (Compute, Data, Software)

A number of powerful and productive research resources have been replaced by newer, more powerful and productive systems over the years.