SDSC Services and Rates

RechargeProduct CodeServiceUnitUC RateExternal Rate
Bio Stats181CASL ContractHour$70N/A
Bio Stats182CASL ConsultHour$99N/A
Bio Stats183Engineering ContractHour$110N/A
Bio Stats184Engineering ConsultHour$145N/A
Colo96UtilitiesKWUtilities will be charged at the actual rate of consumption. Utilities charges for UCSD customers are paid for by campus.Utilities will be charged at the actual rate of consumption.
Colo16310GbE Network PortPort$111.16$161.18
Colo1641GbE Network PortPort$20.75$30.09
Colo16510Gb Core Network ConnectionPort$160.08$232.12
Colo166Direct Edge ConnectionPort$1002.33$1453.38
Colo169Generator Service**KW$13.75$19.94
Colo170Rack spaceRack$580.16*$841.23
Colo171Reserved Rack SpaceRack$176.00$255.20
Colo172Secure Rack Add-OnRack$128.08$185.72
Colo173UPS ServiceKW$15.00$21.75
Colo18940GbE Network PortPort$162.92$236.23
Colo19040Gb Core Network ConnectionPort$226.09$327.83
Conference Room174, 175

B210, B211 & B212, Ground Level East Building
Max occupancy 200

Standard Setup: Seating for 130 in a combination of armed and tablet chairs in 2/3 of room. 6 tables (6’x2’) and 5 café tables in other 1/3. Additional tables on north and west walls.

Auditorium Standard Setup Diagram Please note, diagram not to scale.

Custom Setup (additional cost for labor*): Max 200 occupants. Combination of armed and tablet chairs available. 30 tables (6’x2’) and 5 café tables also available. No table linens provided.

Auditorium Configuration Example Photos

Auditorium Diagrams  Please note, furniture not to scale.

Outdoor Patio: 12 (60" round) tables and 32 folding chairs. No table linens provided. There is no additional rental fee to use the patio.


  • 3 Projectors (left, center, right)
  • 4 Microphones (2 lavalier mics, 2 handheld mics)
  • Windows laptop provided (attached to podium)
Hour$98 first hour; $78 subsequent hours$142 first hour; $113 subsequent hours
Conference Room176, 177

Synthesis Center
B143 East Building

Standard setup: Seating for 30 people in 3 rows of tables facing projection screen.

Custom setup (additional cost for labor*): Max 30 occupants. Seating for 24 people in executive format (facing group). Other custom arrangements available.

Synthesis Center Configuration Example Photos


  • 3 Projectors (left, center, right)
  • Windows laptop provided (attached to podium)
Hour$98 first hour; $78 subsequent hours$142 first hour; $113 subsequent hours
Conference Room178, 179

279 West Building

Seating for 25 with 19 student computers and 1 instructor station. One projector connected to instructor computer, with additional HDMI input available.

Windows 10 desktop systems with the following software installed:

  • Microsoft Office 2019 Suite
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects)
  • Web Browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome)

Additional software may be installed by SDSC tech support at the hourly AV/IT support rate.

Hour$123 first hour; $43 subsequent hours$178 first hour; $62 subsequent hours
Conference Room

Other Meeting Rooms
various room locations; seats 8-28

Conference Room

AV/IT support

SDSC will assist you for a 15 minute sound and AV projector check at no cost during regular business hours. (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-4:30 PM) Additional time will be charged at the hourly rate.

HEC3Consultation Support (Fee-for-service user support, site support, site design, and web application development)Hour$92Contact Web and Database Services for rate information.
HEC199Web and MySQL Database Hosting (Includes Apache or Tomcat, MySQL, 4GB of space, no data transfer costs)Month$72.50Contact Web and Database Services for rate information.
HPC193HPC Cycle - CometSU$0.03$0.06
HPC194HPC Cycle - Comet (UCSD campus customers)SU$0.027N/A
HPC202HPC Cycle - Expanse CPUSU$0.0123$0.0307
HPC203HPC Cycle - Expanse GPUSU$1.7530$4.3824
HPWREN214Tier 1Year$56,962.00$82,594.90
HPWREN215Tier 2Year$11,584.00$16,796.80
HPWREN216Tier 3Year$1,922.00$2,786.90
HPWREN217Chief EngineerHour$189.00$274.05
HPWREN218Project Engineer 2Hour$113.00$163.85
HPWREN219Project EngineerHour$82.00$118.90
HUBzero223HUBzero No Hassle HubMonth$2,831.64$4,389.00
HUBzero224HUBzero SetupEach$15,519.00$24,054.00
HUBzero225HUBzero Development/ConsultingHour$85.87$133.00
HUBzero226Add on HUBzero HostsMonth$268.04$415.50
HUBzero227SGCI Usability EngagementEach$5,462.83$8,467.00
HUBzero228SGCI SustainabilityHour$102.26$159.00
HUBzero229Usability Ad HocHour$54.00$84.00
RDS115, 121, 125

Tier II Consulting Services
Server administration, application installation and configuration, troubleshooting, etc.

RDSCV LaptopMonth$189.16N/A
RDS70Desktop SupportMonth$124.87 N/A
RDS71Account FeeMonth$15.59N/A

Tier I Consulting Services
Desktop and laptop administration, application installation and configuration, troubleshooting, etc.

RDS76Desktop LeaseMonth$75.00N/A
RDS77Laptop LeaseMonth$87.50N/A

Systems Consulting
Actual rendered administration recharge uses an averaged amount of time spent per month on administration and the systems consulting rate listed here. Please ask to get a quote.


User Data
User system data that needs to be backed up


SeedMeLab Standard Tier

Includes 1 TB storage and 75 users (See details)


SeedMeLab Custom Tier

1+ TB storage and 100+ users (See details)

MonthStarts at $747.08Starts at $1083.25

SeedMeLab Lite Tier

Includes 100 GB storage and 25 users (See details)

SeedMe208Additional 5 usersMonth$10$14.50
SeedMe209Additional storage per 100GBMonth$99$144
Sherlock AWS220Managed ServiceYear$3,935.00$4,711.00
Sherlock AWS221Consulting/Custom SolutionsHour$111.00$146.00
Storage153, 156

Tier III Consulting Services
Storage administration, application installation and configuration, troubleshooting, etc.


Project Storage - Hotel
NFS or CIFS/SMB share on a multi-tenant system. 1 TB minimum; 1 TB increments


Project Storage - Condo 
Dedicated storage unit. Provides between ~120 TB to ~260 TB of usable space; please contact for additional initial hardware investment cost estimate.

Storage157Cloud Storage
Minimum allocation 1 TB; billed monthly storage use is averaged by monitoring space used hourly
Storage158Retained Data
Compressed backup data saved on SDSC storage

Cloud Compute
SU's represent resource usage per hour


Universal Scale Storage
NFS or CIFS/SMB share on a multi-tenant high-performance storage cluster. Can also access via S3 interface. 200 TB minimum for internal, 66 TB minimum for external.


VM - Basic
Base VM with 1 vCPU/2 GB RAM/100 GB storage

Storage187VM - Spec Upgrade
Upgrades can be requested in 1 vCPU or 1 GB RAM units.
Storage188VM - Storage
Additional storage added to base VM. Upgrades can be requested in 1 GB units.
TSCC146Infrastructure setupInstance$939$1362
TSCC147IB OptionInstance$200$290
TSCC148Condo OperationsMonth$150.41$218
TSCC196TSCC CycleSU$0.03$0.06
TSCC197TSCC Cycle (UCSD campus customers)SU$0.025N/A
WIFIREAnnual subscriptionYearN/A$25,000.00
WIFIREOn-demand platform accessHourN/A$110.42