Sustainable Scientific Software

The Sustainable Scientific Software Division (S3) is focused on helping SDSC investigators develop revenue streams for their software efforts that help financially support those efforts for ongoing sustainability and availability to the community. Two science gateway efforts are included in the division’s operations: HUBzero® and the Science Gateways Community Institute. In addition, the division provides the Rev-Up program to assist other researchers at SDSC in their sustainability efforts.


HUBzero® is an open source software platform for building powerful websites that host analytical tools, publish data, share resources, collaborate and build communities in a single web-based ecosystem. Initially created by researchers in the NSF-sponsored Network for Computational Nanotechnology to support, the HUBzero® platform now supports science gateways from a variety of disciplines built from the HUBzero® platform with a collective of over 2 million visitors a year. Discover the other research projects HUBzero has partnered with.

HUBzero® includes a powerful content management system built to support scientific activities. Members on a hub can write blog entries, participate in discussion groups, work together in projects, publish datasets and computational tools with digital object identifiers (DOIs), and make these publications available for others to use—not as dusty downloads, but as live, interactive digital resources. Simulation/modeling tools published on a hub can be accessed with the click of a button, running on cloud computing resources, campus clusters, and other national high-performance computing (HPC) facilities and serve up compelling visualizations.

HUBzero® partners to help researchers:

  • Create datasets and interactive simulation tools using RStudio, Jupyter Notebooks, and other Web Applications
  • Publish research products including, datasets, tools, and white papers, through a step-by-step guided system
  • Provide spaces for your research teams and collaborators to discuss data concepts, track progress, and share files by using the services you already know, such as Google Drive, GitHub, or Dropbox

Learn more about HUBzero.

Rev-Up Program

The Sustainable Scientific Software Division is excited to announce the Rev-Up Program! Explore revenue generating opportunities to take control of the trajectory of your software solution.

Interested in learning more about Rev-Up? Watch the On-Ramp video to learn about the program and see how sustainability experts can help you determine if it is a good fit for your project. The session is available on our Rev-Up page.

Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI)

The Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) was funded by the NSF in 2016 to provide services, resources, community support, and education for creating and sustaining science gateways.

SGCI offers comprehensive Design, Development, and Sustainability consulting services that can meet your gateway development and operation needs at a fraction of the expected cost. We accomplish this by employing leading experts that are familiar with existing tools and best practices that can accelerate your science gateway efforts. As a result, you can spend more time and budget on science and less on software development. Having served over 100 consulting engagements with a variety of services, on average clients have estimated that SGCI accelerated their efforts by a factor of over 7x.

Proposal season is just around the corner! Learn more and apply to include SGCI.

ServiceUnitUC RateExternal Rate
HUBzero No Hassle HubMonth$2,831.64$4,389.00
Add on HUBzero HostsMonth$268.04$415.50
HUBzero SetupEach$15,519.00$24,054.00
HUBzero Development/ConsultingHour$85.87$133.00
SGCI Usability EngagementEach$5,462.83$8,467.00
SGCI SustainabilityHour$102.26$159.00
Usability Ad HocHour$54.00$84.00