Storage: Backups (CommVault)

What are SDSC CommVault Backups?

The SDSC IT Services team offers CommVault, which is a highly customizable backup system, to UC San Diego campus users, members of the UC community, and UC affiliates.

While CommVault truly shines as the backup solution for a group of several workstations, making it an ideal backup choice for collaborative research labs, CommVault also thrives in an enterprise backup role. Other advantages include:

  • Low maintenance – after a quick installation process, the CommVault service successfully backs up data, requiring little to no user attention
  • Highly customizable – collaborate with the SDSC IT team to determine backup frequency, retention, and directories in order to balance cost and recovery capabilities
  • Pay on use – rather than assessing costs based on licenses for each workstation, with no leniency for users with small amounts of data, SDSC CommVault users pay only based on the amount of data that is backed up.

How Much Do SDSC CommVault Backups Cost?

CommVault costs are applied in two stages: at a premium to the data stored on user systems and at a reduced rate to the data stored as backups in SDSC storage facilities.

Data Type

Data Type

Recharge Rate*

User Data (User system data that needs to be backed up)

$91.67/TB/ month

Retained Data (Compressed backup data saved on SDSC storage)

$35.17/TB/ month

*Recharge rates are subject to change with approval from the UC San Diego Recharge Rate Committee. IDC is waived for UC San Diego users of SDSC Storage, effective July 2017. Please see for more details.

How Do I Get SDSC CommVault Backups?

Send a request to the SDSC IT Services team at