Parallel File Systems

Data Oasis: SDSC's Integrated, High-Performance Parallel File System

At the heart of SDSC’s high performance computing systems is the high-performance, scalable, Data Oasis Lustre-based parallel file system. Data Oasis has what it takes to meet the needs of high-performance and data-intensive computing:

  • A central 10/40/100 GbE core infrastructure integrated with all of SDSC’s compute and network resources
  • A network architecture that provides high performance, scalability, & redundancy
  • Scalable storage units that can be easily expanded and upgraded as new drive technologies become available
  • An open-source design philosophy that leverages community resources & expertise

Data Oasis’ central network design also provides a seamless gateway for those who wish to use SDSC’s Cloud Storage environment and other research networks.

Key Features

  • Over five petabytes of capacity to handle the data-intensive needs of SDSC’s Comet, TSCC and Gordon-Simons supercomputing clusters
  • Speeds of up to 300+ GB/s, significantly reducing time needed for retrieving, analyzing, storing, or sharing extremely large datasets
  • Two Arista 7508E 10/40/100 GbE switches for dual-path reliability and extreme performance - 450 active
    10 GbE connections, with capacity for 768 in total
  • 64 dual-socket Westmere storage nodes, with 8 cores per node