Dmitry Pekurovsky, Ph.D.


  • Member -  Scientific Computing Applications Group, SDSC


Dmitry Pekurovsky Ph.D., is a senior computational scientist with training in Theoretical/Computational High Energy Physics and many years of experience in High Performance Computing. He has worked on a number of projects in diverse areas such as Lattice QCD, Bioinformatics, Turbulence, Material Science and Oceanography. He is the author of a well-known open-source numerical library P3DFFT. His main area of expertise is scalable algorithms and software for parallel computers. In particular, his interests include code optimization, performance evaluation, open source software, numerical libraries and enabling large-scale simulations.


  • Programming and code optimization on large-scale parallel computers
  • Software development for scientific applications
  • Software performance evaluation
  • Parallel 3-D Fast Fourier Transforms and related algorithms
  • Elementary particle physics (lattice gauge theory)