Richard Moore, Ph.D.


  • Deputy Director -  SDSC


As Deputy Director of SDSC, Richard Moore works closely with SDSC Director, Michael Norman, and members of the executive team in SDSC’s strategic planning and operations. Moore joined SDSC in 2002 as Executive Director and member of the Leadership Team of the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI). He has led procurement and operations of the Center’s national high-performance computing (HPC) systems, and is the principal investigator for the Trestles compute cluster, co-PI of SDSC’s new petascale Comet supercomputer, and Chair of the national Service Provider Forum. He is active in campus and UC system wide cyberinfrastructure initiatives, and is a member of the UC Information Technology Leadership Council. Moore received his B.S. in Astronomy and Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1975, and his Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Arizona in 1980. He spent nearly two decades in the aerospace industry prior to joining SDSC in 2002.


  • HPC System Operations
  • Campus cyberinfrastructure