Michael Baitaliuc, Ph.D.


  • Assistant Research Scientist -  SDSC
  • Principal Investigator -  Biological Networks, SDSC


Michael Baitaliuc, Ph.D. joined the Advanced Querying Lab of the San Diego Supercomputer Center in 2003 to develop integrative data analysis environment, data mining and search tools for biomedical research. Michael has a broad background and expertise in bioinformatics and systems biology, software development, data mining and integration. Michael has over a dozen publications in highly impactful journals and book chapters on biomedical data integration, search and analysis. As PI and Senior Personnel on several previous NIH- and NSF-funded grants, Michael laid the groundwork for the developing of effective data integration/management systems and integrated research environments for system-level exploration of a multitude of heterogeneous data available today: host-pathogen interaction, the integrative analysis of modular networks of co-regulated genes in transcription regulation programs of pathogen and stimulus induced response, brain development and disorders, yeast meiosis, protozoan parasites differentiation, and other areas of systems methods applications.


  • Scientific data modeling and information integration
  • Gene networks
  • Systems and molecular biology
  • Bioinformatics