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PSiNS Tracer and Simulator

PSiNS Tracer is a lightweight instrumentation tool (link time) to capture information about MPI calls including the time spent in each call, argument values of the MPI call, and hardware counter information. The goal in PSiNS Tracer is to combine the minimal features from MPIDtrace and IPM. It is open source.

PSiNS Simulator is an event simulator similar to Dimemas. PSiNS Simulator uses the estimated time from the PMaC convolver along with MPI call trace produced by different tools (PSiNS Tracer, MPIDTrace) to simulate the execution of the application on the target system and emits the execution time as well as significant information on the decompostion of execution time to program components similar to the information given by IPM.

Download the Europar PSiNS Paper.

Download the extended PSiNS Paper (unpublished).

Download the PSiNS Tracer distribution [updated 02/08/2013]

Download the PSiNS Simulator distribution [updated 02/18/2013]

Please email for more information.