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For over 35 years, the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) has stewarded its national reputation as an innovator and leader in high-performance, data-intensive computing and cyberinfrastructure. Many women-identified professionals have been trailblazers in their academic and research spaces and have guided other women-identified professionals in their chosen careers. As a WHPC Affiliate at SDSC, we foster a supportive culture. This official mechanism is designed to support further women-identified professionals, students, and faculty engaged in using or working on HPC resources, data solutions, science gateways, and other academic computing resources. We aim to extend our commitment to inclusivity by actively supporting members from minority-serving and Hispanic-serving institutions.


  1. Share career experience from women-identified professionals and allies at UC San Diego, SDSC, and other collaborative institutions in southern California with women-identified early-career professionals, students, faculty, and allies via networking events and activities
  2. Provide professional development program opportunities via training programs and activities hosted by SDSC projects
  3. Support for students, faculty, and early/new career professionals to attend conferences, workshops, and other professional development opportunities
  4. Build on our experience as a WHPC Affiliate at SDSC and leverage this valuable knowledge and insight to transition into a WHPC Chapter.


Are you a women-identified professional, faculty, or student? Are you an ally of Women in HPC?
If so, join us!

We welcome all professionals, faculty, and students who work with high-performance computing resources and academic cyberinfrastructure or support those who use these resources.

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Upcoming Events

  • March 2024: Welcome to WHPC@SDSC
  • May 2024: TBD
  • July 2024: TBD
  • September 2024: TBD
  • November 2024: TBD

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For questions or comments, please email Subha Sivagnanam and Claire Stirm at womenhpc@sdsc.edu.

WHPC Mission

To promote, build and leverage a diverse and inclusive HPC workforce by enabling and energizing those in the HPC community to increase the participation of women-identified members and highlight their contributions to the success of supercomputing. To ensure that women-identified professionals are treated fairly and have equal opportunities to succeed in their chosen HPC career. To ensure everyone understands the benefits of promoting and achieving inclusivity.

About the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

The San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California San Diego is a leader in high-performance, data-intensive computing and cyberinfrastructure—an accessible, integrated network of computer-based resources and expertise focused on accelerating scientific inquiry and discovery. SDSC provides resources, services, and expertise to the local, regional, and national research community, including industry and academia. It supports hundreds of multidisciplinary programs spanning a wide variety of domains.