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Working with SDSC Offers a Competitive Advantage

At SDSC, collaboration has been the key to our success. As a result, during our over three decade history, SDSC research revenues have exceeded $1 billion. SDSC’s success rate on federal proposals is currently 45%, compared to the national average of roughly 21% for computer science and engineering proposals at the National Science Foundation.


In its three decades, SDSC has conceived, nurtured and raised multiple partnerships and collaborations with individuals, communities and institutions across a wide spectrum of disciplines and fields of study.

Strategic Plan for UC Engagement

  • Proposal Support Grants
  • External Advisory Board
  • Faculty Fellows Program
  • UC@SDSC Initiative


Empowering science and engineering communities by offering hands-on training programs in high-performance computing and data science topics.


SDSC provides a crucial gateway for innovation built around the need to harness “big data” and the “data deluge.”

Technical Expertise

Computing at Scale
(High Performance Computing)

Free Expanse Allocations
SDSC makes its major high-performance computing resource, Expanse, available to the UC community. This program, HPC@UC, is offered in partnership with the UC Vice Chancellors of Research as well as campus CIOs. Awards under this program are intended to help UC researchers expand their overall research program.

Explore TSCC Allocations
UCSD, UC and industry researchers may apply for computing time and data storage on the Triton Shared Computing Cluster operated by the UCSD Integrated Digital Infrastructure program.

Cyberinfrastructure Available

Research IT Services