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SDSC's Robert Russ Wins Student Academy Award

Published 05/25/1995

SDSC 3D computer artist/animator Robert H. Russ won the Gold Medal Award in the animation category of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 22nd Annual Student Academy Awards for his computer animation "Card Trick."

"Card Trick" is a computer-animated short subject produced in the spirit of traditional cell animation, using SDSC's state-of-the-art 3D computer graphics technology. Using Silicon Graphics workstations and Alias 3D modeling and animation software, Russ created "Card Trick" at SDSC as a project for a traditional animation class while he was a student at the University of California, San Diego.

Russ will be honored with the award in Los Angeles on June 11. "Card Trick" is now eligible to compete in the animated short films category of the 68th Annual Academy Awards to be held next year.

"Card Trick" tells the story of a lowly deuce who thought to himself, "I could be king!" In the aftermath of a poker game, the two of clubs experiences an identity crisis of sorts and decides that he would like to be king. What follows are the playful ventures of our hero as he assumes the role of royalty in a brief stint at the top of the deck.

The animation is enhanced by an original music score written by Jon Jenkins and Paul Lackey. The soundtrack for "Card Trick" was produced at Spotted Peccary Studios in Encinitas, CA. The final video was produced at the video facilities at SDSC.

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