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Notification of acceptance will be provided by June 14. Applications submitted after June 10 will be reviewed and accepted based on availability.

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Center for Large Scale Distributed Systems

SDSC 2013 Summer Institute:

Discover Big Data

Geisel Library at UC San Diego

Discover Big Data is the theme of SDSC’s Summer Institute in 2013, reflecting the pressing need for high performance solutions for exploring and analyzing the large volumes of data that science and business applications are now able to generate with ease.  The 5-day summer institute will cover topics in HPC and big data including, data management, data analytics and visualization, and parallel programming models, via discussion of specific use cases and hands-on exercises. Attendees will be introduced to SDSC’s NSF-funded Gordon data-intensive supercomputer as well as other computational resources at SDSC. They will also receive an overview of the NSF XSEDE program—a national-scale cyberinfrastructure for high performance computing. SDSC’s Gordon is a unique resource in XSEDE, given Gordon’s pioneering architecture, which is in concert with SDSC’s vision for supporting data-intensive and big data applications.

The 2013 Summer Institute will employ a 3+2 day format. The first 3 days will emphasize data science topics while the last 2 days will emphasize HPC and XSEDE-related topics. The format is designed such that those interested only in Data Science topics, e.g. industry attendees, may attend only the first 3 days, while those who are also interested in HPC and XSEDE, e.g. science users and XSEDE users, may stay for the entire duration.


The SDSC Summer Institute is targeted to individuals interested in data science and computational science—especially current and potential users of SDSC's data-intensive resources. Familiarity with UNIX/Linux environments is recommended. Some programming experience, e.g. In C/C++, Fortran, Java,  R, Python, Perl, or MATLAB, is preferred. Applicants already dealing with data science and/or computational science problems are especially encouraged to apply.

Summer Institute Registration Fees

Academic Researchers, Staff, and Students for:  $150

Industry: $2000

The 2012 Summer Institute group of participants.