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SDSC Summer Institute 2012

SDSC Big Data Supercomputing

SDSCthe 2012 SDSC Summer Institute was held August 6–10. This was a unique opportunity for participants to focus on specific challenges in their research. Whether it’s optimizing a computationally intensive piece of code, improving I/O, or beginning the process of refactoring software to make best use of SDSC’s HPC resources, participants will get what they need from the program. And because real progress can only come by doing, attendees will have ample time for both hands-on lessons that complement the lectures and opportunities to work on their applications together with SDSC staff.

Topics covered included:

All current and potential users of SDSC resources are invited to apply, but experience working in a UNIX/Linux environment is essential. Preference will be given to those applicants who have some programming experience (e.g. C/C++, Fortran, R, Python) and a particular computational problem they are trying to solve.

Here is a group picture from the event (click to enlarge):