All of our software is supported on the specified computer systems (usually Sun Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X; some run on any Unix box). If you find problems, we will attempt to fix them, and you may use the consulting services of the San Diego Supercomputer Center for problems with installation, documentation, or use of the software. For help please email

We will be using the e-mail addresses of our users to send them information about new versions and bug fixes as part of our support services. Our mailing list will not be used for purposes other than support of our software.


We have different levels of access from the Internet corresponding to different licensing requirements. Some software (e.g. FLEX) is freely available without license by anonymous FTP.

Licensed packages require that we receive a signed license, but in the interests of speed we will accept FAX versions of the license. Once we have the license we will send access instructions by e-mail.

We are trying to measure the effect of our efforts to distribute some of our packages, so those, while freely available, do require you to send us your e-mail address. To obtain those packages you send an e-mail request to and the list server will return access instructions for use with FTP, Gopher, or Mosaic. This should cause very little delay in your obtaining the software. Since we are trying to track the utilization of our software we request that people who want copies be told how to get them directly from us rather than simply being given copies or given the access information from other sources. Our ability to continue this service will depend on our being able to show those who pay the bills that we are performing a useful service distributing portable, supported software.

Although electronic access is the preferred method for obtaining the software, we will send tapes or floppy disks for those who cannot use our electronic services. If you need a distribution in this form, please send e-mail to


All of our software is free for non-profit research use, but some of it does require a license. Licenses are available from an e-mail list server; specific conditions vary with the package, but generally are not unduly restrictive. Any differences in terms for for-profit users are noted under the specific packages.