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*VOLUME is used to test for entries having a specified journal volume.

CSD Contents

For each CSD entry the journal reference is identified by 4 search fields

The volume is stored as a right-adjusted text string (maximum 8 characters).

Most volume designations are numeric but some take the form eg. A3,45B, etc. For this reason the volume field is searched as text. Note also that some journals do not use a volume designator.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *VOLUME from the TEXT sub-menu and respond to the standard text prompts.

Basic QUEST Procedure

Normally a literature search will involve tests using several of the related keywords.

Ex. Find the structure published in Acta Cryst.,C (Cr.Str.Comm.), volume 41, page 783, year 1985.

T1  *CODE  .EQ.  591
T2  *VOLU  '^41'                     where ^ is blank
T3  *PAGE  '^783'
T4  *YEAR  .EQ.  1985
QUES  T1  .AND.  T4  .AND.  T2  .AND.  T3

It is good practice to enclose the volume and page values within ' marks and to leave a blank space ahead of the leading character. Since these fields are right-adjusted this ensures no irrelevant hits. Thus '^783' will hit only for page 783 and not for page 1783.

Numeric tests are executed faster than text tests; hence the order of tests in the above search question.

Note also that a given publication may contain more than one crystal structure so the first hit is not necessarily the entry which is being sought.

Related Keywords

*CODEN (in NUMERIC sub-menu), *PAGE, *YEAR (in NUMERIC sub-menu)

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