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*SURNAME is used to test for an author's surname.

CSD Contents

An author's name is held in the CSD as the initials followed by the surname, eg. A.B.Smith

The only exceptions to this rule are Chinese names which are held in full, eg. Lin Wen-Feng

In a database entry one name is separated from the next by ,

The variety of names is illustrated in the following list :

A.B.Smith, A.T.McPhail, J.J.MacDougall, D.Mackay, W.Van Riel, M.van Meersche, P.Murray-Rust,C.W.DeBrosse, C.J.O'Connor, Yu.T.Struchkov, Lin Wen-Feng, S.S.Simons Junior, A.J.Arduengo III

The only non-alphabetic characters in the authors' names field are . , - ' and blank

Non-English language diacritical marks are not retained.Thus Müller is stored as Muller.

In searching authors' names the difference between upper- and lower-case is ignored. Thus searches for Smith or SMITH or smith or SmItH are equivalent.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *SURNAME from the TEXT sub-menu and respond to the standard text prompts.

Basic QUEST Procedure


T1 *SURN Smith

This will register hits for A.J.Smith P.R.Smith but not for A.B.Smithfield


T1 *SURN Karle

This will register hits for entries where the surname Karle occurs twice.

QUEST "remembers" CSD text which has been hit by a text search test. This ensures that text can be hit only once.



Since ' is ignored in author name searching hits will be registered for Dyachenko and D'yachenko and Dy'achenko

The database contains some inconsistencies in the spelling of authors' names, especially when transliterated from Russian or Chinese.

This example illustrates that uncertainties in the presence/position of ' in the name can be accommodated.



This will register hits for the surname O'Connor

If the name contains ' and the position of ' is not in doubt then '' must be coded in the search test.

' on its own would be ignored as in the previous example.


When *SURN is incorporated in a search question then QUEST automatically generates query screens by analysing the letter-pairs in the surname.



KENNARD contains letter-pairs KE EN NN NA AR RD yielding query screens 222 220 222 238 236 229

RABINOVICH contains letter-pairs RA AB BI IN NO OV VI IC CH yielding query screens 226 220 224 237 223 227 222 226 220

Note the order of tests in the search question.

The longer name (T2) should be tested first since the query screens become more powerful as the length of the text increases.

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