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*PROPERTIES is used to test for comments describing crystal properties.

CSD Contents

Since textual comments in the CSD are composed in "free-language" it is not recommended that such searches are conducted. Rather, when a hit is encountered the textual comment can be displayed to provide details of any comment introduced by CCDC staff.

This field is used to record details of three specific crystal properties and general notes.

Each of the four sub-fields is denoted by a sub-keyword preceded by "

The four sub-fields may occur in any order within the *PROPERTIES record.

Examples are given below:

(i) Melting point:

(ii) Color of the crystal:

(iii) Source of natural products or polymorphs:

(iv) General notes:

Note that details of crystal habit, cleavage, twinning, optics are not recorded in this field.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *PROPERTIES from the TEXT sub-menu and respond to the standard text prompts.

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