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*PAGE is used to test for entries having a specified journal page.

CSD Contents

For each CSD entry the journal reference is identified by 4 search fields

The page is stored as a right-adjusted text string (maximum 8 characters).

Most page designations are numeric but some take the form eg. L3,C5 etc. For this reason the page field is searched as text.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *PAGE from the TEXT sub-menu and respond to the standard text prompts.

Basic QUEST Procedure

Normally a literature search will involve tests using several of the related keywords.

Ex. Find the structure published in Acta Cryst.,C (Cr.Str.Comm.), volume 41, page 783, year 1985.

T1  *CODE  .EQ.  591
T2  *VOLU  '^41'                      where ^ is blank
T3  *PAGE  '^783'
T4  *YEAR  .EQ.  1985
QUES  T1  .AND.  T4  .AND.  T2  .AND.  T3

It is good practice to enclose the volume and page values within ' marks and to leave a blank space ahead of the leading character. Since these fields are right-adjusted this ensures no irrelevant hits. Thus '^783' will hit only for page 783 and not for page 1783.

Numeric tests are executed faster than text tests; hence the order of tests in the above search question.

Note also that a given publication may contain more than one crystal structure so the first hit is not necessarily the entry which is being sought.

Related Keywords

*CODEN (in NUMERIC sub-menu), *VOLUME, *YEAR (in NUMERIC sub-menu)

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