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*JRNL is used to search for entries whose Journal names contain a given set of characters.

CSD Contents

Journal code numbers, known as codens, are stored within the database.

See page 7-14 of Volume 2 for a description.

Using the *CODEN numeric keyword, it is possible to search for entries from a single journal. Using *JRNL, however, you can search for all entries from, for example, journals containing "Chem.Scand" in the title.


At first glance, it might be expected that *JRNL searches, being text searches, might be rather slower than numeric searches on *CODEN.

However, since *CODEN is stored in the MASK header in ASER entries, it is not necessary to read in the text fields for entries to be searched, and so there will usually be no perceptible time difference between a *JRNL search and a set of corresponding *CODEN searches.

The amount of typing involved in specifying a *JRNL test may be considerably less than for several *CODEN tests.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *JRNL from the TEXT sub-menu and and respond to the standard text prompts.

Basic QUEST Procedure


This will hit entries from the following journals (type HELP CODEN FARADAY at the QUEST prompt for the current list):

219  Trans.Faraday Soc.
222  Discuss.Faraday Soc.
256  J.Chem.Soc.,Faraday Trans.2
532  J.Chem.Soc.,Faraday Trans.1
564  Faraday Disc.Chem.Soc.
821  J.Chem.Soc.,Faraday Trans.
This would hit, for example:

at 5 deg.K
C5 D9 N1
J.Chem.Soc.,Faraday Trans.2, 78, 179,1982
The equivalent *CODEN search would be

T1 *CODEN 219
T2 *CODEN 222
T3 *CODEN 256
T4 *CODEN 532
T5 *CODEN 564
T6 *CODEN 821
QUEST T1 .OR. T2 .OR. T3 .OR. T4 .OR. T5 .OR. T6

Related Keywords

*CODEN in the NUMERIC sub-menu.

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