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*AUTHOR is used to test for an author's name, either the complete name or part of it.

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An author's name is held in the CSD as the initials followed by the surname, eg. A.B.Smith

The only exceptions to this rule are Chinese names which are held in full, eg. Lin Wen-Feng

In a database entry one name is separated from the next by,

The variety of names is illustrated in the following list :

A.B.Smith, A.T.McPhail, J.J.MacDougall, D.Mackay, W.Van Riel, M.van Meersche, P.Murray-Rust,C.W.DeBrosse, C.J.O'Connor, Yu.T.Struchkov, Lin Wen-Feng, S.S.Simons Junior, A.J.Arduengo III

The only non-alphabetic characters in the authors' names field are . , - ' and blank

Non-English language diacritical marks are not retained.Thus Müller is stored as Muller.

In searching authors' names the difference between upper- and lower-case is ignored. Thus searches for Smith or SMITH or smith or SmItH are equivalent.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *AUTHOR from the TEXT sub-menu and respond to the standard text prompts.

Basic QUEST Procedure


T1 *AUTH J.Smith

This will register hits for the author J.Smith; but also for A.J.Smith and for J.Smithfield etc.


Users should bear in mind that an author may sometimes be inconsistent with respect to the use of initials eg. A.Smith and A.B.Smith for the same person.

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