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PEPTIDE-SEQ is used to construct a test for amino-acids and peptide sequences using 3-letter code symbols.

Basic QUEST Procedure

The equivalent test construction in Basic QUEST is discussed under *PEPTIDE. It should be read carefully before using Graphics QUEST3D.

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

The PEPTIDE-SEQ sub-menu is shown below.

This table summarises the buttons in the PEPTIDE-SEQ sub-menu.

When not in the middle of PDEF, the current sequence is displayed as part of the prompt in the dialog area. This diagram shows how the sequence is built up:

If no amino-acids have yet been added to the sequence, QUEST separates the left- and right-terminating bonds in the dialog area prompt with "???".

The PEPTIDE-SEQ buttons will be illustrated with some examples.

Suppose we wish to search for -,%PRO-AIB-,%


Suppose we wish to search for -,CYS*-PRO-AIB-ALA- in cyclic peptides.


Ex.3 Related Bit Screens

The database bit screen is 67.

Ex. SCRE 67

This query registers hits for all entries having a peptide sequence record.

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