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H-NORMALIZE allows the user to reset the lengths of bonds to terminal hydrogen atoms, to either a default or a user-specified value.

This command is not available in the Basic QUEST software.

Graphics QUEST3D Menu-Based Procedure

Ex.1 To set all Os-H distances to be 1.80 Å, as well as adding the default settings for C, N and O:

Graphics QUEST3D Alphanumeric Procedure

The HNORM command is used to specify the required lengths for bonds to terminal hydrogen atoms.

Ex.2 To set all Cl-H distances to be 1.06 Å:

HNORM NONE removes all settings, including those for C, N and O.

HNORM alone resets the C, N and O values to their defaults of 1.083, 1.009 and 0.983 Å respectively.


Successive H-NORMALIZations are cumulative.

Coordinates used in 3D searches, to draw the crystal plot in 3D and 2D/3D diagram output and those saved by the MODEL command will be affected by normalization.

Coordinates saved in FDAT or written to the journal file via the COORDS or ORTEP buttons will NOT have their hydrogen atoms 'normalized'.

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