Volume 2 Chapter 7 Numeric Sub-menu *METRICCLASS

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*MSDBIB is used to test for an entry which was published in the compilation series "Molecular Structures and Dimensions".

CSD Contents

During the years 1970-1984 the CCDC, in conjunction with the International Union of Crystallography, published 15 bibliographic volumes in the series "Molecular Structures and Dimensions" (MSD).

These volumes contained classified bibliographies covering the literature to mid-1982.

Each entry was identified by a reference number and this information can be used as a search field.

The general form of the reference number is vv.cc.nnn where:

Graphics QUEST3D Procedure

Select *MSDBIB from the NUMERIC sub-menu and respond to the standard numeric prompts.

Basic QUEST Procedure


T1 *MSDB 15.17.19

This will register a hit for the entry published in MSD volume 15, chemical class 17, number 19

Note that, for this search field, a range facility can be used :


T2 *MSDB 15.17.1 - 15.17.999

This will register hits for all class 17 entries in volume 15 of MSD.

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Volume 2 Chapter 7 Numeric Sub-menu *NBSIDNUMBER.