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STORE-FRAGMENT is used to store a fragment for later use.


It is often convenient to store a search fragment and then fetch it a later time, either to re-run the same search or to modify the fragment and run a different search. The ability to store a fragment is particularly useful if the fragment is large and/or complicated.


Suppose we have generated the morphine fragment and defined it - see (i) below.

Note that the maximum number of fragments you can store is 100.

If you do not have a structure on the screen when you select STORE-FRAGMENT, the program will sound an alert and produce the error message:

Consult the person who installed the software at your location to determine the conventions used for naming files at your site. Note that for VAX/VMS, and Silicon Graphics and SUN implementations users should consult Appendix 12 and 13 respectively for more information.

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